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Slate Cleaning and Maintenance - Washington, D. C., Maryland and Northern Virginia

Slate Cleaning, Restoration, Sealing and Enhancing

Slate Cleaning and Sealing

Slate is natural stone that from time to time needs professional cleaning and sealing.

Slate comes in several different textures. There is a smooth slate and a cleft finish, which is a rough finish. Slate is a porous stone and needs to be properly cleaned and sealed after installation.

There are several different ways to finish slate. There are color enhancers, topical coatings such as wax, penetrating sealers and others. The type of sealer used will determine the finished look you will achieve. You can achieve a gloss finish, matte finish or a low luster finish. These finishes depend upon what you are looking for.

American Stone Care can service all your slate needs and customize finishes to your need.

We will also educate you on proper care of your slate surfaces and recommend appropriate care and cleaning products.

Give us a call today to discuss your slate cleaning, polishing, repair, maintenance, and restoration needs. We look forward to serving you. 


"My bathroom floor looks like a new floor since you cleaned & sealed the grout. It looks beautiful. Thank you so much"