Joint and Crack Repair

Why control joint repair matters...

After concrete is poured, contraction joints, a.k.a., control joints, are cut into the slab to control cracking. These joints are filled with epoxy or some other flexible filler to protect the joints from damage as the slab cures, which can take up to a year! Sometimes joint filler can fail, separating from the concrete. The empty space fills with dust and debris or moisture, and the likelihood of spalling, chips, and cracks in increases.

FREE Expert Consultation and Estimates

American Stone Care can provide a FREE consultation to determine whether your flexible contraction joints should be replaced or filled in with a specially formulated concrete filler that creates a permanent (and inflexible) bond with the surrounding slab, depending on exposure to temperature change, moisture, traffic and use, and other considerations. We'll provide a competitive estimate and answer any questions you may have before performing any repairs.

Our Repair Process

Most of the time, minimal preparation is needed. We just remove loose debris and get busy with repairs. After minor repairs, traffic and use can be resumed as normal. We can also repair damage caused by joint failure, such as chips and cracks.

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