Concrete Overlays

Beautiful, Damage-Resistant Overlays

For new construction or renovation projects, cement-based and polymer-modified overlays are a beautiful, damage-resistant flooring choice. The decorative coating adheres to the existing concrete to create a brand new, custom look.

Unlimited Concrete Resurfacing Options

Your decorative options are virtually unlimited. Basically, if you can imagine it and describe it, we can bring it into reality. Our highly trained craftsmen expertly blend your overlay to produce very specific attributes while retaining excellent bond strength, so that you can enjoy your overlay for many years to come. They also have the knowledge and experience to know whether the existing concrete poses a risk for delimitation or failure and will never apply an overlay without the proper surface underneath.

Stamped Concrete

When overlays with texture and color are added to give the appearance of stone, brick, slate, and sometimes even wood, it is considered stamped concrete. The array of possibilities combined with great durability and a cost which is typically lower than the materials it imitates make stamped concrete an easy choice for new construction and renovation projects alike. Stamped concrete is a desirable finish for driveways, patios, commercial roads and parking lots, and even interior floors.

Overlay Repair

With time and use, heavy foot traffic, and the elements, overlays can begin to look patchy and un-presentable. American Stone Care can rejuvenate faded or damaged concrete overlays or stamped concrete and get it looking like new again.

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