Terrazzo Polishing

Terrazzo honed, polished, and restored to like new!

American Stone Care can polish your terrazzo to a natural polish that is oh-so-easy to maintain.

Our terrazzo specialists can:

  • Strip Away Waxes and Coatings
  • Remove Stains
  • Restore Finish to a Natural Polish
  • Seal and Protect

Did you know...?

Terrazzo is a unique stone finish that usually contains marble chips of different sizes and colors and is held together with a cement base or, in newer applications, held together with a resin or epoxy base. Terrazzo is restored using the same process that is used in restoring marble and granite.

Most terrazzo surfaces are improperly maintained. They are coated with waxes that have a tendency to yellow and collect dirt. Once the appearance of the terrazzo degenerates enough to become a real eyesore, the floor is stripped and re-waxed. This process is repeated over and over again.

Fortunately, we can polish your terrazzo to achieve a gloss or matte finish using a natural polishing process that eliminates the need to wax and strip and can actually reduce the maintenance cost. Properly sealed and maintained terrazzo retains its beautiful shine and color.


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