Grocery Store Concrete Polishing

  • concrete-polishing-1
    This beautifully polished concrete floor helps give customers the impression that this grocery store is bright and welcoming.
  • concrete-polishing-2
    Notice how the overhead lights reflect off the polished concrete finish.
  • concrete-polishing-3
    This grocery store looks squeaky clean, thanks to our concrete polishing services.
  • concrete-polishing-4
    This exquisitely reflective concrete finish not only looks beautiful, but is easier to maintain than unpolished concrete.


With constant wear from the wheels on shopping carts and stock carts, as well as foot traffic and spills, this polished concrete floor in an Indianapolis, IN grocery store needs periodic professional maintenance.


Our work was scheduled after the regular store hours for the convenience of the store's customers and employees. First, we used heavy duty diamond encrusted pads mounted on our floor machine to grind away scratches and other damage from the surface of the concrete.

This concrete was not strong enough to be polished without a densifier. Had we done so, polishing would likely have pulled particles of aggregate (the tiny stones in concrete) from the concrete, causing damage to the surface. Consequently, we applied a densifier to the surface to chemically harden and fortify the concrete and improve its stain resistance.

Then we polished the floor using resin bond diamond tooling. The high grinding efficiency of this technology enabled us to get the job done quickly, while producing the same high quality results as traditional (i.e. slow, old school) methods. Our savings on labor enabled us to provide competitive prices that translated into savings for the grocery store maintenance budget.

Finally, we burnished the concrete floor with diamond impregnated burnishing pads, leaving the surface with the beautiful, long-lasting high sheen you see in these images. This floor will look continue to look great with minimal daily maintenance.

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