• Retail Store Concrete Polishing

    Retail Store Concrete Polishing

    To achieve the results you see here, we first had to remove VCT, repair and prep…

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  • Warehouse Concrete Polished

    Warehouse Concrete Polished

    We not only improved the appearance of this concrete floor, but we strengthened the surface to…

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  • Retail Showroom Concrete Floor

    Retail Showroom Concrete Floor

    The concrete had holes and an overall dull and dirty-looking appearance. Our commercial concrete floor services…

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  • Grocery Store Concrete Polishing

    Grocery Store Concrete Polishing

    With constant wear from the wheels on shopping carts and stock carts, as well as foot…

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  • Art Gallery Concrete Floor Polished

    Art Gallery Concrete Floor Polished

    An art gallery's level of economic success can take a hit with forbidding-looking concrete floors. We…

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  • Church Sanctuary Terrazzo Polished

    Church Sanctuary Terrazzo Polished

    With our terrazzo services, this church not only has like-new floors for a fraction of the…

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  • Warehouse Concrete Floor Polished

    Warehouse Concrete Floor Polished

    The property owner's main concern was functionality, but she also wanted a finish that was aesthetically…

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  • Fire Station Concrete Floor Striping

    Fire Station Concrete Floor Striping

    We completed this job on time, on budget, and to very precise specifications. With city budget…

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