Warehouse Concrete Polished

  • grand-rapids-warehouse-before
    This is what the warehouse concrete floor looked like when we arrived on the job site in Grand Rapids.
  • grand-rapids-warehouse-after
    Notice how much clarity the polished concrete has compared to the dull, dirty, worn look it had before.
  • grand-rapids-warehouse-concrete-before
    Here is a wider view of the same concrete floor, which was obviously in very poor condition before our services.
  • grand-rapids-warehouse-concrete-after
    Now this warehouse looks brighter and cleaner, with our expert concrete polishing services.


High traffic and use made the concrete floors in this Grand Rapids, MI warehouse subject to significant wear. Our client wanted to see an improvement in the appearance of the floor and the strength of the surface to resist abrasion and other signs of wear. He also wanted a naturally polished finish, not waxes or coatings, so that the floor would be easy to maintain.


Our mechanical grinding process removed surface damage. We applied a strengthening densifier and then burnished and polished the concrete to a medium gloss finish for optimal slip resistance. Our final step was an application of penetrating sealer to inhibit staining.

As you can see, this floor is now in much better shape. Our client was pleased with the outcome. To learn more, visit our Concrete Polishing page.

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