Church Sanctuary Terrazzo Polished

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    This church terrazzo floor looks great now that we have given it some professional TLC.


A congregation in Detroit, MI realized their church sanctuary floor looked rather unwelcoming. Wanting to be good stewards of what God had entrusted to them, they decided to get an estimate on terrazzo restoration before looking into installing an entirely new flooring material over the terrazzo.

We provided a FREE consultation and estimate. The decision-makers at this church were thrilled to learn that not only would they be able have like-new floors for a fraction of the cost of new flooring, but they would be able to preserve the historical integrity of the space.


Our work took place during weekdays when there were no meetings. We honed to remove all the yellowed and scratched wax coatings from this terrazzo floor and then gave it a lasting, natural polish using the same techniques used in marble restoration. Our final step was an application of impregnating sealer to inhibit staining. The church custodian was relieved to learn he no longer needed to continually strip and re-wax the floor to maintain the shine.

To learn more, visit our Terrazzo Restoration page.

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