Retail Showroom Concrete Floor

  • showroom-concrete-1-edit
    Here you can see one of our technicians doing some repair work on the concrete.
  • showroom-concrete-2-edit
    Notice the poor condition of this concrete, before we provided expert concrete restoration and polishing services.
  • showroom-concrete-3-edit
    With a glorious, reflective concrete polish, this room was transformed from dark and dingy to showroom ready.
  • showroom-concrete-4-edit
    Exposing the aggregates helped to give this concrete floor the appearance of terrazzo.


A retail showroom is a place designed for interaction between consumers, professionals, and opinion leaders. Ideally, the surroundings should be conducive to such interaction, conveying a sense of cleanliness, a calm and welcoming atmosphere, and a general vibe of professionalism.

The polished concrete floor in this Cincinnati, Ohio retail showroom was an unsightly distraction. The concrete had holes and an overall dull and dirty-looking appearance.


First, we patched the holes. Then we used metal abrasive tooling to grind away surface scratches, ground in dirt, stains, and other damage.

We applied a densifier to the surface of the concrete to chemically harden and fortify it so that it could withstand the remaining refinishing processes and improve its stain resistance.

Then we polished the floor using resin bond diamond abrasives and applied a sealer.

Finally, we burnished the concrete floor with diamond impregnated burnishing pads, giving the surface the nice reflective finish you see in these images. With our commercial concrete services, this floor is now showroom ready.

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